In 1950 Talk 0' Texas Brands was originated in the family kitchen of Dick and Mitzi Grimes in San Angelo, Texas. The company's first major contract was signed with Neiman Marcus in Dallas. In 1955 Al Ricci purchased a large minority interest in the fledgling business, and completed his purchase of the company in 1956 when the Grimes family moved to Oklahoma. In ensuing 30 years, with consistent high quality as the number one goal, the company outgrew four production facilities under his guidance.

In 1985, Al's son Larry Ricci, who had grown up with the family's pickle business, became President and Chief Executive Officer. He immediately researched the possibilities for improving the product and expanded the company even further. By the production season of 1986 the company moved into a new state of the art production facility covering 26,000 square feet at 1610 Roosevelt, where it is still housed today. As it had under his father, the company continues to flourish under Larry's careful guidance. With streamlined operations and high quality, the company has now expanded its' manufacturing plant to 60,000 square feet and is capable of meeting the high demand for its' quality products. Larry's daughter Lisa joined Talk 0' Texas in 1988, and today is Vice President.

Talk 0' Texas now offers Liquid Hickory Smoke Flavor in addition to our famous Crisp Okra Pickles. After months of research and development in the laboratory by Larry Ricci and internationally known food technologist Robert Switzer, this product has shown wide acceptance by consumers and proven to be among the tastiest on the market.

Our Crisp Okra Pickles are strictly hand-packed from the very finest quality ingredients available on the market. We feel that our extra measure of quality is responsible for our position as the nationwide leader in Crisp Okra Pickles.

Our products can be purchased in grocery stores from coast to coast, and are also offered in gift boxes that can be shipped by UPS anywhere in the Continental US. If your store doesn't carry our product or you would like more information about Talk 0' Texas Brands, Inc. and its products please contact us.